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Destinations To Not Miss Out On When Taking A Road Trip From Delhi


One common thing that made Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara or Dil Chahta Hai a blockbuster hit was certainly the fun and exciting road trip that the boys took.

There is no other form of commute that can be as wild and inspirational as a road trip.

Delhi is blessed with the most stunning surroundings that are easily accessible by your car or bike. All you need to do is call up your friend, pack your bags, and head for an adventure of a lifetime.

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Moreover, in these trying times, it is best to stay afar from public transport. You have been good sitting inside your homes for months at end. It is now time you reward yourself. Responsibly. Get over your canceled trips and start planning where you want your next adventure to be.


Dharamkot, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India  Cicked by @dharamkotstudio

  • Dharamkot

Sitting just a couple of kilometers above McLeodganj and Dharamshala is a small hamlet. The beauty of this destination is not something you get to see in your everyday city life.

The narrow roads, big enough for a single car to cross at a time, the small cafes that are all sitting in one designated spot, and the surreal green shades make Dharamkot your not-so-usual spot. If markets and monasteries are not really your calling, going a few kilometers above McLeodganj wouldn’t be a bad idea.

It is best to book yourself either a homestay or a hostel when you are travelling to Dharamkot. These are available to you in abundance.

Make sure you pay a visit to Bhagsu village that is approximately 15 minutes from Dharamkot. If you are staying at the very end of this area, the point where the Triund trek commences, you are in for a treat.

Opt to travel everywhere you go in Dharamkot on foot. Trust us. It’ll be an experience like no other.

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India   clicked by  @_akanksha_

  • Kasol-Malana

Kasol is perhaps not really an offbeat destination but it surely is a scenic spot that is further surrounded by a marvelous stash of nature’s bounty.

While Kasol will offer you an experience that is the right mix of city life amidst nature, there are some paths less taken that are located just a few minutes away. These spots are idyllic for those who are in search of getting away from brick and mortar jungles and are in search of actual ones.

Malana and Waichin Valley are two of the many that you should certainly consider visiting. These destinations will leave you speechless.

It is true that the cannabis business the core source of income for locals in these villages, but picture-perfect scenery takes the award here. Right from the point where your trek begins to the top of the spot, everything here is simply far from ordinary.

For Kasol, you can book yourselves a homestay or hostel. But for Malana or Waichin Valley, gear up for some camping!

Alisar Mahal, Alisar, Rajasthan

  • Alsisar

Famous for its Magnetic Fields Festival that usually takes place in December, Alsisar is a hidden yet royal land of Rajasthan.

It is situated in Shekhawati and is perhaps the most beautiful village that you can pay a visit to the west of Delhi. This tiny town is a world in itself.

Alsisar is surrounded by an arid semi-desert which makes it a perfect place for some enigmatic and rich photographs for your ‘gram.

The best bet to spend your days in Alsisar is by booking the most extravagant Alsisar Mahal. It’ll make you feel like royalty and you should certainly embrace every second of it.

The old town vibes, the luxurious hotel, and the extravagant architecture of this place are what leave every individual awestruck when they visit this destination.

For meat lovers, do not forget to indulge in their Laal Maas when you are there.


Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, India clicked by @captainprice441

  • Pithoragarh

While it’s not exactly a few hours’ drive, it is still a destination that is worth every kilometer spent on the road. If you are in search of some tranquility and a place with the beauty that even your Sony A6600 will not be able to justify, Pithoragarh is your answer.

This mountain village is surrounded by towering snow-clad peaks, a valley covered with various shades of green, and a dense alpine forest. This place basically has everything that you drew as a kid in your art classes.

Unspoiled by commercialization, Pithoragarh is a must for those who like places a little less discovered.

A must-visit spot in this village is Soar Valley. You can find resorts. Homestays, and hostels in abundance here.

It might not be a place for foodies but it certainly is a spot for those looking to get away from mobile signals!

Pushkar, Rajasthan, India clicked by @vivekxr

  • Pushkar

Known for an extravagant celebration of the Holi festival, Pushkar is a small village in Ajmer, Rajasthan. If you are in search of an authentic and the truest Rajasthani experience, Pushkar is your treat.

You can easily think of Pushkar as a town of fairs and festivities. While it’s true that it has that old world charm oozing from every corner of the street, it is still the rose garden of Rajasthan that exports the beautiful and fragrant roses all across the globe.

The moment you enter the town of Pushkar, it will feel like you’re revisiting the mythological history. The time seems to have stopped. The architecture here is simply exquisite.

And Pushkar Lake in the city only makes the experience complete.

It is best to book yourself a hotel that was once a fort if you wish to soak in the heritage of this village of Rajasthan. Make sure you try each of the authentic dishes, they’ll take your palette on a roller coaster ride.

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Trips are a combination of planning, the journey, and the final destination. When you are planning a road trip from Delhi to any of the above-mentioned destinations, you certainly don’t have to think twice about the destination. Each spot has its own charm and will only leave you speechless.

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  • SCUBA Diving At Grande Island

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  • Flyboarding In Chapora River

We’ve all seen the videos of pros flying in the air with the help of powerful water propulsion under their feet. To say that the experience looks exhilarating would be an understatement. Almost all adventure enthusiasts will find this activity on their bucket list, making it a perfect experience to make your Christmas Goa trip all the more special.

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  • Visit The Most Beautiful Village In The World

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How Trekking In India Can Give You A Hyper-Local Experience

Some want to lose themselves in an unknown city and others are on a journey of introspection, looking to rediscover who they are.

Regardless of what your reason for traveling is, the importance of an authentic local experience cannot be overlooked. After all, it is usually an experience or a specific attraction that compels us to choose a specific destination for a vacation.

With that said, the recent boost in the popularity of taking journeys has contaminated the authenticity of local experiences. Authentic experiences have had to evolve to fit the preferences of tourists that want things a certain way, their way.

Thankfully, there is a new breed of travelers rising, those who want to only experience, not change. Those who understand the importance of broadening their horizons with more experiences. Those who aren’t just interested in visiting a destination, they’re interested in knowing the city, its people, its customs, its history, and everything in between.

So how does one go about collecting such experiences?

The short answer is, start walking.

Read on for the long answer.

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Trekking With The Locals

Triund, India Clicked by Vishnu Prajapati

Many say that walking through a city is one of the easiest ways to really get to know the place and discover experiences that haven’t yet found a place on the mainstream tourist map.

However, how does trekking on the hills, usually away from civilization, grant you access to hyper-local experiences?

Well for starters, you cannot venture out into the wild on your own. 

You will need the help of a guide to guide you through the dense forests and high passes that make treks in India exhilarating and breathtaking at the same time.

When you stop looking at a trekking guide as a service provider and start having real conversations with them, you’ll be treated with trivia and knowledge that one simply can’t find on Google. 

Don’t worry if you consider yourself an introvert and are worried such a conversation will never happen. Those who struggle together are often able to forge a bond and struggling to conquer a mountain with a complete stranger is the perfect catalyst for conversations that end in friendships.

Witness Cultures That You Only Read About

Spiti, Himachal Pradesh clicked by @varun_singh

We have all read about the tribes of the Amazon but only a few of us have had the chance to actually witness them. We have all watched videos and documentaries about cultures that are so different from ours that it becomes difficult to imagine how they have survived.

What if I told you that you can find such tribes, villages, and cultures less than 600 kilometers away from Delhi?

While most of us would agree that the hilly regions of our country are rich with culture, most don’t know what the culture is about. 

The reality is that life in the hills is as diverse as it is peaceful. However, you cannot experience this diversity from the comfort of your luxury hotel room or a hired taxi. 

To experience a truly different culture, you will have to walk. This is because different cultures become different when they can’t move at par with the pace of the world. This is because the absence of roads is one of the biggest reasons behind the uniqueness of certain cultures.

Take the example of Waichin village in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh. There are no roads leading to the village and when you order Maggie at a local Dhaba, you will be served “Maharaja Noodles”. However, that’s not what makes this place peculiar. The curious thing about the village is that despite not having access to roads, nobody in the village is growing any food crops. Instead, everyone is busy growing the infamous Parvati Valley hash.

What’s even more curious is that unlike the rest of the country (and many parts of the world), there is no stigma surrounding the herb. Instead, it is viewed as a staple crop that is responsible for keeping the food on the table for the local families. That’s perhaps why, if you visit around the month of October, you can witness entire families, including small children, engaged in reaping the crops.

With that said, it’s not such a good idea for outsiders to participate in the activity. Remember, the stuff they are growing is extremely illegal in our country, and messing with it can get you in serious trouble.

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Eat Truly Local Food

Clicked by Lior Shapira

Most tourist destinations boast a varied collection of restaurants that claim to serve the local food of the area. However, as mentioned earlier, the task you find at such places has mostly been modified to suit the taste preferences of tourists.

However, folks living in remote villages in the hills are different and so is their food. If you ever get a chance to stay at a homestay in a far-off village, my advice is don’t miss it for anything. Besides getting to witness and perhaps live a day in the life of a resident of the hills, you will also be treated to authentic local food prepared with love.

In most cases, your hosts will be sharing their own meals with you, so you can rest assured that you’re tasting the localities idea of “maa ke haath ka khana”.

The best part is, if you are a trekking enthusiast, the opportunity to stay in a homestay in a faraway village will not be as exclusive as it may sound. Almost every major trekking trail houses at least one village that can potentially offer you an experience that only a handful of humans will ever experience.




Trekking is an adventure activity that simply keeps on giving. From an adrenaline rush to complete peace of mind, from a physical challenge to a sense of triumph, from being alone in the woods to being surrounded by a completely alien culture, taking a trek in India will leave you with so many stories that you’ll find yourself speechless.

What is your favorite thing about trekking? Share with the community by dropping a comment below!

Author Srishti Bajaj

Mumbai: Indeed A City Of Dreams Inside-OUT!


Mumbai. The city that never sleeps. The land of dreamers and ecstatic nightlife, starlets, and millionaires. The town with residents following a run-of-mill routine that leaves them exhausted.

The energy of Mumbai and its people is bound to leave you awestruck. It is the city vibe that will leave you excited and overwhelmed both at the same time. More often than not, everyone needs a break from this city of dreams.

But where do these individuals find solace and seek respite?

Mumbai might be everything metropolitan, but it is surrounded by some of the most surreal landscapes and adventures.

From gliding through the sky to indulging in a cross-city adventure via the most sustainable form of transport, there is no dearth of experiences that you can be a part of when the need to run away from a thing called the monotony of life arises.

Below are a few of the common experiences that Mumbaikars like to indulge in. You can take note of your top choices and ensure you witness the glam city and surroundings just like a local.

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Hot Air Balloon Safari

Clicked by @hpontomudis

Transitioning your views from the towering skyscrapers to the vast land with fifty shades of green is certainly refreshing. A hot air balloon safari, somewhere in the cloudy and misty Sahyadri range in Lonavala, aims to offer just that.

A hot air balloon ride is a lot more than sitting in the basket and gliding through the sky. It is the perfect escape from the city noises and blowing horns and right into the open arms of silence and peace.

It is about immersing yourself in the majestic views as you cross over the cotton clouds, with the birds being your passersby, and the perfect landscape formed by nature wherever you look.


Wine Tasting

Clicked by  @qwitka 

If winds and heights are not your forte, worry not. Mumbai is a city that is sitting in close proximity to experiences that are simply for everyone.

One such experience - a vineyard tour. Paying a visit to a home-grown vineyard and learning everything about wine. You can even plan yourselves a winery hopping if one is not enough!

Head over to these vineyards to not only witness the beauty of symmetrically lined flora but also get a chance to taste some of the freshly brewed wines. Learn about the entire manufacturing process and get hold of the art of holding your wine glasses when you visit the vineyard.

To add to an experience is the grape stomping activity where you crush the fruit kept in a wooden tub. It will surely take you down a memory lane when you used to play around the puddles as a kid.


Fratelli Vineyards, Sula Vineyars, Grover Zampa Vineyards, and York Winery are a few top leaders that you can choose from.


Waterfall Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an adventure sport that certainly knows how to challenge you physically. Now, add water to the entire experience. Water rock climbing is 10x more exciting and thrilling.


This extraordinary experience will help you leave your comfort zone like none other. Just image trying to climb up a mountain with the water falling against you. The odds are hardly in your favour. You are already fighting against gravity. And there’s water as an additional hurdle.

The sheer amazement that this sport brings cannot simply be described in the words that will do justice to it.

If you are looking to challenge your comfort zone as you get through another week of hard work, water-rock climbing is your answer.

You can try this out in the hill village of Lavasa.

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Cycling Expedition

Clicked by hilal kh

One of the most common trips from Mumbai, especially for the Gen Z is the beach capital of our country, Goa. How about you add the touch of twist and thrill to it?

Take out around eight days from your busy lives and indulge in an experience that is sure to help you make memories of your lifetime. Use these eight days to take a ride along the most scenic coastal stretches across the globe on the most sustainable form of transport - a bicycle.


This cycling expedition will help you immerse yourself and explore the diverse cultural heritage and the plenty of timeless architectural pieces that you often miss out on.

Find yourself lost in the natural beauty of the five districts that are covered in the two states over this cycling expedition.

Do this and come out as a new individual with splendid tales to tell.


Clicked by Harsh Gupta

Strolling in the middle of a jungle with towering trees covering the surrounding, sunlight peeking through the gaps in the leaves, and the fading sounds of birds chirping falling into the ears is perhaps a great way to escape the monotony of metropolitan life.

Mumbai might offer experiences that are perfect for city dwellers. But if you are in search of ways to unfold the mysteries of mother nature, you won’t really have to go too far from the city.

Take a trip to Lonavala to hike through the forests and soak in the refreshing winds that breeze through your hair. The shades of green will leave you overwhelmed and in awe of the wonders of mother nature.

Tiger’s Leap in Lonavala, Kanheri Caves Trail in Borivali, Chnchoti Trail in Vasai, and Peb Train in Neral are just a few of the many hikes that you can take.

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The glittering and zestful energy of Mumbai city can often get a little too difficult to handle. The places that are sitting around Mumbai have some of the most extravagant experiences hidden are bound to help you escape the city blues.

Author Srishti Bajaj

All Things Pretty Near And Around Bangalore

The Southern part of our country can certainly be described in one word - beautiful. From mountain vibes to beachy chimes, there is no dearth of experiences in this part of India.

One destination that has every kind of experience just a few kilometers away is Bangalore, Karnataka. This is the destination that is sitting in close proximity to everything fun. Everything adventurous.

More often than not people are pretty skeptical about getting out of their comfort zones. Now, till the time you don’t actually take that leap, how will you figure out if you truly hate it?

Get overspending your 25th birthday in a bar, especially when you are in Bangalore. Instead, indulge in an experience that will make you feel liberated. Do something that will challenge you and your wits. Something that will inspire you and help you gain new perspectives.

Bangalore is surrounded by many such fun experiences and activities. You can head over to a vineyard to stomp on some old grapes or join a team to unfold the mysteries of an undiscovered cave. Whatever floats your boat, it is now time to make memories of something you have never tried before.

After all, it is the new normal, isn’t it?


Wine Tasting

Clicked by @kymellis

Whoever thought there is no right way to have their wine, thought WRONG. There is certainly a proper method to relish that delicious liquor and what better way to learn than from professionals themselves? No more of holding that glass wrong or not losing yourself in the fragrance of wine.

There are several vineyards around Bangalore that you can tour. These home-grown vineyards have to offer you a guided sojourn complete with tastings, taking a sneak peek into the manufacturing process, of course, everyone’s favorite - grape stomping!

Grover Vineyards, Sula wine tours, Big banyan wine tours, and Kadu vineyards are the top options that you should not miss out on. The tours usually start from anything between 400 to 500 per person.

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Rock Climbing

Clicked by @yente95

We know, we know rock climbing as a sport requires you to be physically strong. But isn’t this a good enough motivation to get over excuses and hit that gym that you’ve been waiting for so long?

Out of the many experiences that are hidden around Bangalore, rock climbing is perhaps the only one that challenges your physical capabilities like nothing else.

Bangalore is surrounded by Deccan Plateau. This means that the mountain ranges and of course the splendid rock formations that are perfect to carry out this fun experience are sitting lazily just a few kilometers away.

Ramanagaram,  Chitradurga, and  Savandurga are your top three destinations to try this out. Make sure you are wearing your most comfortable shoes, the perfect outfit, and have lots of sunscreens on to enjoy the best of this experience.


Hang Gliding

Credits: Lance Anderson

We know about paragliding and we know about skydiving. There is a third adventure sport that seems to have taken the phrase ‘bird’s eye view’ a little too seriously. Offering equal parts thrill and the adrenaline rush is Hang Gliding.

Before we head on to tell you about where you can try this out in Bangalore, let us help you understand what exactly this sport is all about.

Hang Gliding is a sport where you take off from a cliff or a hilltop in a light way with unpowered aircraft and is carried by the pilot.

The beautiful Nandi Hills will be your spot to try this activity out. If you are scared or skeptical about landing, don’t worry. There are vast lands around the hills that have been emptied out or designed especially for this purpose only.


Midnight cycling expedition

Credits : Shyam

The southern part of India offers views of the skies like no other. Just imagine looking up and witnessing the darkest blue sky that is covered in silver rhinestone-like stars. This view simply leaves everyone speechless.

Now, think of combining this view with a chilly breeze passing through your hair as you glide down the hill road. Midnight cycling expedition surely has its perks, doesn’t it?

Nandi Hills is again the destination that is perfect for such expeditions. You can find several tour operators in Bangalore and find yourself joining strangers for an adventure of a lifetime.

Do not forget to carry your bottles and your cameras on this exciting expedition of yours.


Night Trekking

credits : Wil Stewart

Trekking is in itself an activity that ignites the adrenaline rush and leaves one smiling for no reason whatsoever. Nature and the silence combined is the right mix that one needs to escape the monotony of life.

Just imagine doing this at the wee hours of the night. Night trekking is a lot more than just pretty trees and stellar mountains. It is the sounds of rivers that you can only hear, the sneak peeks of the star-lit sky, the moonlight guiding your path, and that one sound that you ‘thought you heard’.

Night trekking is the perfect way to get over all your fears of darkness. Just pack your bags and head for the trek with a group of people. It’ll be an experience that you will never forget, we promise.

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When in Bangalore, you have plenty of destinations that you can head to for night trekking including Bilikal Ranganath Swamy Hill, Ramanagar, and more.


Bangalore is a city that offers you the best of both worlds. While you can indulge in fun experiences when in the city like cafe hopping, museum tours, and the ecstatic nightlife, the destinations that circle around Bangalore are the ones that allow you to get closer to mother nature and embrace your wild side.

Author Srishti Bajaj

Waichin Valley Guide

Slowly, many travelers are now setting out to discover the undiscovered. If you are a traveler, leaping into the arms of a destination that only a few pairs of eyes have witnessed can make you feel proud and overwhelmed at the same time.

After all, most unexplored places have a certain charm about them and so do the people living their lives far off from the city chaos.

One such hidden treasure is Waichin Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Many of you must have unraveled the experiences of Kasol and Malana. Waichin Valley is a fairly new destination that travellers are now adding to their bucket lists.

There is a reason why Waichin Valley was also given the name, Magic Valley. The perfect package that is complete with the snow-peaked hilltops at a distance, welcoming shades of green, ferocious river flowing along as you hike, and the waterfall surrounded by mountains truly make this valley magical.

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Are you game for heading to a destination that is equal parts thrilling and beautiful?

Experiences Awaiting In Waichin Valley


To reach Waichin Valley, it is not so much of a trek as it is a hike. The route towards this paradise is perhaps what makes it worth conquering. As you climb along the dam, the initial minute could get a little tricky for some due to the rugged slope that you are required to mount. It will take an effort but it only lasts a few minutes.

The next half an hour is a mere stroll along with the most beautiful sceneries that nature has formed. Azure waters hitting the rocks with a backdrop of mini forest-clad mountains makes your heart skip a beat more than once. You also get to cross the grazing fields of tens of goats and sheep. As long as you are not being their problem, they won’t be yours.

You will then come across a waterfall along which comes the most tricky decision - which of the two paths from the fall follow?

While both the routes are nothing less of an adventure, one path takes you straight up the slope and allows you to cover the distance in less than 30 minutes. On the other hand, another path takes you a little longer but along another stellar waterfall that could certainly be your ‘chill spot’.

Just make sure you are ready for some action-packed adventure!

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Growing and selling cannabis is the core business for the people in Waichin Valley, just as that of Malana. The view that you get to witness the moment you reach the top will leave you tongue-tied.

It is true that locals in Waichin are quite welcoming. There is no sense of ‘negative vibes’ that you would feel when you are in their territory.

What will truly make you speechless is their daily routine. From a kid as tiny as a five-year-old to the oldest ones in their families will be seen playing an important part vis-a-vis their family business which is rubbing the cannabis in between their palms for the purpose of exporting it to the international waters.

You will always find each one of them talking, smiling, or playing around the vast ground of Waichin. The beauty of people can certainly be witness inside-out when you visit this hidden treasure of Himachal Pradesh.


Waichin Valley is every landscape photographer’s dream destination. The tall standing trees of various hues of green, the vast ground with various campsites and wooden structures scattered all over, and the snow-clad peak sitting proudly at a distance makes this Magic Valley a sight for sore eyes.

The best views are, however, brought to your attention as the sun starts to set and stars start glinting in the naked sky. Right after you witness tones of pinks, yellows, and oranges as the sun is setting, you will witness the sky getting covered in the right mix of small and huge glittering stars. If you are lucky, you will also be able to figure out the milky way!

If you are a night owl, make sure to step out of your camps a little after midnight to witness the moon as bright and large as you have never seen.

These views make your escapade and thrilling trip up towards a mountain worth every step.

Details About The Trek

Duration Of The Trek

It is around 2 to 3 hours trek from the dam. If you are going for the first time, it is best to hire a guide.

Food On The Way

There is only one eatery that you will find on your way to Waichin. You will be offered a not-so-vast menu at this stop which is situated in the initial minutes of the trek. Thus, it is often suggested that you pack your own food and munchies for the trek.

Total Cost Of The Trip

The total cost of the trek to Waichin Valley from Kasol will be approximately INR 2200 - INR 2300.

Find the break-up of the cost below:

Cab: INR 1300 - INR 1400 (maximum number of people allowed in a cab would be 4 excluding the driver).

Overnight stay: INR 900 per head including breakfast and dinner.

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Food Available In Waichin Valley

While you will be getting your complimentary breakfast and dinner with your stay, you still might wish to consume something other than what you are served.

For this, there are a few make-shift cafes that you can visit up in Waichin Valley. The most famous one being the Moksha Cafe. You’ll get a decent variety of food here but make sure you are ready to pay thrice the usual amount you would pay in the mountains.

You should definitely give Rajma Chawal and Nutella toast a try while you are up there. Also, do not forget to carry your cash!

Places To Stay In Waichin Valley

As discussed above, there are quite a lot of decent places that you can find to stay in Waichin Valley. From campsites to wooden structures, you can choose the one that suits you the best.

For camps, you get an option of selecting between a camp for two or four. Thus, if you are planning to visit this destination with a group of friends, you can easily find a place to stay overnight. You don’t have to carry any additional blankets, pillows, or bedsheets as you will be provided the same by the camp owners.


Waichin Valley is the oldest and the most stellar destination hidden in the lap of Himachal Pradesh. If you are bored with the ‘popular tourist attractions’, we suggest you take the path less taken and give a nudge to your inner adventure enthusiast by taking a trip to Magic Valley.

Author Srishti Bajaj

Things to do near Delhi

Delhi. They say that it is more than just a city. Most Delhiites love their city and believe it's got everything that they will ever need.

In a way, that is true. Even from a traveler’s perspective, Delhi is a paradise.

Museums, uncountable places where history was made, uncountable places where history still stands tall, endless opportunities to shop, more famous places to eat than one can ever count, are just a few of the overwhelming plethora of experiences that the Indian capital offers.

Yet, for a curious mind, being confined to a city, even if that city is Delhi, is not a comfortable idea.

With that said, most curious minds are employed and have time restrictions that prevent them from exploring the World.

While not everyone can quit their jobs and simply start their journey around the globe, there are ways to keep exploring even when you are confined to one city, especially if that city is Delhi.

As many experiences as Delhi houses within, there are an equally overwhelming amount of experiences that surround the city.

No, we don’t consider driving to Murthal for parathas an experience. However, there are great things waiting for those who are willing to drive just a little further:



Source : Skyhigh India


Skydiving, the king of adventure sports. Besides being a highly desired activity, skydiving is also extremely exclusive because well, not everyone has access to their own personal aircraft.

Perhaps that is the reason that for the longest time, Indians had to travel to foreign lands to experience the feeling of jumping out of an airplane.

However, things have changed, and for the better.

Believe it or not, there are not THREE different experience providers offering the skydiving experience in and around Delhi. While most of them only have their offices in Delhi and their diving sites outside the city, it is far more convenient than having to fly out of the country to experience skydiving.

Sky High, The Sky4All, and BEEP all offer exhilarating skydiving experiences near Delhi that are certainly memorable, but surprisingly affordable (especially considering the fact that the service you avail will involve a private plane ride).


Hot Air Balloon Rides

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If the thought of jumping off a flying plane is simply too adventurous for your taste, you are still in luck. Those who cannot or do not want something as wild as skydiving, but still want an experience that involves dizzying altitudes can head to Murthal for a hot air balloon ride that is equal parts serene and calming.

Offered by Mojoland, an amusement park that offers a variety of other activities, the hot air balloon ride is an affordable way to check a bucket list adventure, without having to travel for hours, or spending an insane amount of money. Starting at just 600 bucks, it has to be one of the most affordable hot air balloon rides on the planet.

The best part is that driving to Murthal for this experience can be easily turned into an eventful day filled with a variety of fun activities. Besides the hot air balloon ride, you can make your day more adventurous by making some time for the other activities at the Mojotland amusement and adventure parks.

For those planning a visit in the summer months, there are a number of great water parks like Splash Water Park in the vicinity.

Besides all this, no trip to Murthal will be complete without a visit to the infamous Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba. If, however, you have made too many trips and are growing tired of the taste, you can always drive around and choose from the incredible variety available in Murthal.

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No, this section is not a joke about the road conditions in the city (although, it would have been an amazing one).

If you are one of those city dwellers that purchased a seriously capable off-roader with pictures of off-road tracks in the hills in your minds, you must be growing tired of looking at your beast simply collecting dust in your driveway.

After all, who even has time to venture out of the city so far that they outrun the roads?

Thankfully, one organization in Gurgaon (or Gurugram) understands the plight of city-based off-road vehicle owners.

Known as the Off-Road Adventure Zone, this organization has created a special off-roading track for adventure enthusiasts that visit. Covered with extreme curves, dirty slush pits, challenging rock crawls and water wading areas, the entire track rests comfortably against a breathtaking backdrop of the mighty Aravalis.

The best part is that the entire adventure zone is actually spread over an area of 10 Acres and offers a lot more than just an opportunity to off-road.

With an adventure park and a children’s park nearby, the Off-Road Adventure Zone has ensured that those that accompany you will not get bored when you are testing the capabilities of your off-roader.

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While traveling far may not be possible for another few months, Delhi is a city that has everything, even when it comes to adventures and enthralling experiences. The activities mentioned in this article are great for people from all walks of life, from college buddies looking to reunite after the lockdown to families looking for a day out after a long stay in their home.


So which adventure will you choose? Tell us in the comment section below!